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How memes shapes our thoughts and culture

How MEMES shaped our thoughts and culture through time.

An original analysis of MEMES by Alessandro Mambelli.
Illustration for GlobusMag.


Chabacolors, Michel Chabaneau, Digital art, IpadPro, Procreate, Literature, Mountain, Climbing
Illustration for Globusmag magazine

The importance of punctuation


This illustration was realized for a very interesting analysis of Steven Spielberg's "Hook" made by Matteo Sarlo on the online magazine globusmag.it

If you want to see how it looks like in the article click on this link!

Go to article!



This digital illustration is my personal vision of a politically unstable Italy. Is about the apparently eternal delay for the election of a Prime Minister, but more than anything else is about people being worried about their future.

This illustration took me one hour and a half, but for the first thirty minutes I was painting on my I pad and thinking: "Oh my god this artwork is horrible, look at those colors! Aww" and more stuff like that.. As you might noticed, I wasn't very convinced about it. It took me a while, but after some changes and restyling I was finally happy with it!

What did I learn? Never give up!

Possibilities, Syren, sea, dreams, chances, desire, differences, digital, painting, illustration, chabaneau, Chabacolors


One night before the deadline, this came up.
It appeared slowly all on her own, like if this siren was already there, waiting for me to notice her.

I just needed to look somewhere else without the intention of hunting inspiration or ideas, and by just looking around, like when you are walking at the park and sunset surprises you, I found her.

This illustration is dedicated to all those wanderers and dreamers that never stop searching for their natural place. 

Philip Roth

Even though I had a reference for his portrait, catching his expression wasn't that easy! I think I forgot how many times I re-painted them---
An homage to Philip Roth.

This illustration comes together with a beautiful article of the Italian online magazine Globusmag.it  



My journey as a 3D student in Amsterdam